Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Venture Into History

For more than a month now I have wanted to take my camera to an old cemetery a couple of blocks behind my house. I finally got my lazy butt over there and here is what I discovered. The first thing you notice about this old cemetery is all the broken and dismantled gravestones. Now, I personally am not an advocate of this country's ritual of burial. I believe strongly that it is a waste of land. When I took my trip over there, that is exactly what I was confirming to myself. What a waste, here sits a plot of land that could have been a pretty park or simply a field of wildflowers. So to enter and see how it is somewhat forgotten, tore me up. I proceeded through the graveyard and took photos of interesting head stones with odd engravings. Born June 23, 1787—Died September 11, 1853, Aged 65 years, 2 mos, 4 days.

I wandered around taking several photos and getting tiny glimses of the souls buried there. I came across a headstone that simply read Mabel 1883—1884, Right beside Mabel was another—somewhat fancier headstone, that read Ivan C., Son—died 1882. Beside those were the headstones of Mother and Father.

At first I wondered—why is Ivan's headstone more
elaborate than little Mabel's? With a bit of pondering I realized that this couple lost there beloved son in 1882 at the age of three. One year later Mabel was born and passed away a year after that. It's no wonder her gravestone was so simple. I cannot imagine the loss these parents must have felt having to bury yet another child in such a short period of time. I left the cemetery feeling an overwhelming amount of sadness.

After discussion with hubby, we attempted to do some internet investigating to find out more about this old cemetery. To our disappointment we could not find any information, not even the name. I called a local funeral home to see if they knew the name of the cemetery. They offered up the name Grove—more research, still nothing. So hubby and I took another trip over to see if we could get any clues to help us with our research. I was intriqued now, I had to know more about the history here. As we walked around, we noticed a neighbor at the home that sits beside the cemetery. We called to the woman and asked if she knew anything about the cemetery. Her name was Carol, and what a treasure trove of information she was! Carol told us the name of the cemetery was Raysorville Cemetery. It was a church cemetery. The congregation had divided into two different churches that are still around today, Paxton Presbyterian Church and I believe the other is Grace UME Church in Penbrook. After time, the little cemetery church was torn down. She also told us that our community at that time, was called Raysorville Heights. The Sheesley (Sheasley) family had maintained the cemetary for years and many of the family are buried there. I came across many headstones with the family name. We also spotted two with the name Raysor—founding fathers? The cemetery is now somewhat maintained by the township. but I doubt it gets many visitors. She told us many other bits of history I was not aware of. She told us that at the corner beside our house and the neighbors was a place called Hoover's Tavern. I confirmed this with my 82 year old neighbor who recalls a ditch between the properties where the patrons of the tavern would tumble, after a night of a few to many! She also told us about the Mader's Farm that took up most of the property surrounding our home, which of course was not built yet. My neighbor said, she remembers the pasture was directly across the street and they would sit on the porch and watch the cows grazing—some of which gave birth right there in the pasture.

I entered the cemetery that day intending to write a blog post about wasted land and morbid tradition. I haven't changed my opinion on that subject. However, I now have a new appreciation for the history in my community because of an old neglected cemetery. Maybe this post will inspire you to learn a little history in your community.

Below are all the photos from that day at the cemetery:


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fire Protection 101

Today's blog should be pretty short, I just wanted to relay a funny story to you—funny, but pretty sad at the same time!

We all have been told for years that we should have a smoke detector in each room and in major hallways. Well, we used to have three of them. We have a small house, so one in the kitchen, bedroom downstairs and the stairway to the upstairs. So we remodeled the bedroom downstairs and took that one out during the remodeling stage, that of course, has never gotten reinstalled. We remodeled the living room, in the process, that one never returned. So we still had the one in the kitchen, but every time we turned on the oven the damn thing would go off like a siren. Drove me crazy. So hubby took it down. WOW, considering we are smokers, we apparently are not to bright!!

So, the other morning I'm sitting at my desk and once in a while I hear this beep, beep. I'm looking at the carbon monoxide detector (oh, yes, we have one of those!) it's not going off. I am searching all over the house for this damn beep. Finally, I just ignored it, cause I couldn't find it. So Hubby gets up and says" what is that beeping?" I don't know. He starts looking in cupboards and drawers in the kitchen, finally he finds the culprit. The kitchen smoke detector was in the drawer. It was beeping to warn us to change the battery! Well, at least if there HAD been a fire, I guess the thing would have warned us, even from the junk drawer!

I'm not sure if we have a death wish or what, between the unfire protection, the smoking, the lack of exercise and just general overall unhealthiness, we are just one ambulance ride away from saying bye-bye world. Maybe someday we will get it together, I'll let you know when that happens. Oh but I wouldn't hold my breath—well I can't do that anyway!! At least not for very long!

Much Love and Stay Safe—Jodi

Monday, May 17, 2010

Unfinished Business

Today's post is again about procrastination, however this time it's not about me! Is it just me or are there others out there among you that have a significant other who is a starter not a finisher? No, no, not in a sexual way, (I knew you were thinking that, lol) in a handyman way! I have to say, I probably have the most unfinished home around. Don't get me wrong this man is so talented, he can build anything, fix anything and does wonderful work—he just doesn't finish a damn thing! We have at this moment, at least ten unfinished projects. The excuse is usually money, it certainly can't be time, because he has been unemployed for quite a while now! The picture below will show you the outside of our house which has been HALF sided for three years now! We have the rest of the siding to do it, we have the scaffolding rented—the last time we went to the rental place was to rent a nailer to install the kitchen floor, the guy looked at us and said "you're the ones that rented the scaffolding two years ago, that's your paperwork over there hanging on the wall. Are you doing it soon? Cause we were gonna start a pool to see who picks the right date! See even strangers know my dilemma!

He starts off really well, full of enthusiasm and motivation, gets just about finished and comes to a screeching halt. For instance, we remodeled my office. Painted, made new curtains, pictures—the works. He even constructed a built-in window seat with cabinets on each side, it's beautiful! He put up all new ceiling trim around the entire room, and was one piece short. Oh, you didn't think I was actually gonna get a finished room did you? We have since purchased that missing piece of trim, painted it and it is cut to size, do you think it has gotten installed? Ha, ha! Let's see, I think my office was also started three years ago! I love this man with all my heart. I just wish I knew how to light a fire under his ass! We've talked about the possibility of him starting a handyman business. Of course, me being the smart ass that I am, responded with, "what are you gonna call it Unfinished Business"? I've tried to motivate him with the promise of sexual favors, but apparently I don't have the same amount of persuasion that I used to! So, if you have any tips on how to get things finished around here, please feel free to share!

Much Love—Jodi

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Twitter Me Depressed!

Yes, you guessed it, I am still in my "funk"! Last week I couldn't seem to find my motivation. This week has just turned into a menopause driven depression. I keep trying to tweet and facebook, anything to lift my spirits but nothing is working. I haven't had a sale in my jewelry shop for over two weeks and I keep adding more stuff in the hopes something will inspire someone, anyone, to make a purchase. My efforts are for naught. In the meantime, all I see on twitter is Yay! I had three sales today! Yay! my pearl necklace was featured in twat magazine!! Not that I begrudge anyone their joy, but being the self-involved bitch that I am, I could use a bit less of everyone else's milestones and could use a few of my own for a change. So twitter avoidance is inevitable for me. The highlight of my life lately is managing to get dressed (well, mostly dressed) and creating a piece of design work that the customer doesn't hate! Bet you're glad you started reading this inspiring little story, huh?

To add insult to injury, we are bombarded every single day with collection calls from credit card companies! Hubby started a new job, but the hours are sporatic so setting a budget is next to impossible. We have decided that eating and keeping our home is way more important then paying credit cards. But good ole "Bob" from INDIA calls everyday wanting to make us aware that we are behind in our payment and "will we be making that $60.00 payment today?" He might as well be asking for a million dollars! Actually, he could be asking for a million dollars—I can't understand a word he says. I spend 20 minutes with him saying "what? I don't understand you, say that again" And what part of "I don't have any money, do YOU not understand?" Why the hell, when half of the United States is unemployed, are we using customer service from other countries! I'm just sayin! Just one more reason to delay paying these companies. Although when I think about it, even though I need a job, I really don't want to call people in this economy, and harass them about making a payment. So more power to ya there Habib, oh I mean "Bob"!

I know this hasn't been a very entertaining post this week, and I'm not quite my usual witty self. Please pardon me for a minute, I had to spew to feel better. Next week I will return all refreshed and ready to entertain, I promise.

Much Love—Jodi

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Procrastination is like Masturbation . . .

I don't know what's with me lately, it seems to take every bit of motivation I can muster just to put the dishes in the dishwasher. I never used to be this lazy. I had a schedule that I was very anal about. Friday nights I cleaned or Saturday mornings at the latest. Now, I'm lucky if I change the bed sheets every couple of weeks. They say "procrastination is like masturbation—In the end you're just screwing yourself" I actually don't know who said that, but it seems fitting for this story. It occurs to me though—you do get pleasure from masturbation, right? Ah, who am I kidding, I'm to lazy to even do that!

Not sure if it is menopause, my weight or my everyday increase in pain, but somehow I have to get my ass moving! Each morning I wake up determined to get things done. I made to-do lists because I usually work well when I have a visual—something that would prove I had completed a task. This list however, gets ignored just like everything else. I use excuses like. "I'm gonna get to that as soon as I finish smoking this cigarette" or "I was gonna take care of that, but now I have this pain in my neck" That actually happened to me today! I was simply changing my shirt, pulled the shirt over my head, went to put on the new one and all of a sudden got a kink in my neck, WTF! It really is hell getting old and out of shape, the most random things happen to cause pain. It's like the other day while I was putting on my pants. I should know by now that I have to lean on something while doing this. Apparently I thought I could accomplish this simple task without mishap—fell right on my ass trying to get the second leg in the pants and let me tell you, fat does not bounce! I hit the floor like a ton of bricks!! I'm still feeling the pain.

Maybe I should enroll in one of those motivational seminars, maybe that would help. I'm gonna do that, for sure! Really I am! For some reason I don't think you believe me—Ye of no faith. I'm serious about this, I'm gonna get on the internet right now and do a search for it ... right after I get done smoking this cigarette!

Much Love to All — Jodi