Monday, April 3, 2017


Well it's now the start of week six since the surgery. I'm pretty much healed and have figured out how to eat without discomfort. Now I'm having issues with energy. I'm sure hoping that I get this right sometime soon! I don't think I'm taking in enough protein. I do keep a tracker on my food and I'm pretty sure that's the issue. 

I just can't seem to eat enough with decent amount of protein. I also discovered that I have a hard time getting scrambled eggs to go down, but I still keep having an egg for breakfast. Then I start on some water and then lunch. Mid afternoon I try to get a protein drink down but can only drink about half at a time, by the time I feel I could drink the rest, it's time for dinner.

Today, I decided I was just going to drink protein drinks, eat protein bars and drink water. I'm hoping that will give me a boost and get some energy back.

Honestly, I just feel like sleeping all the time.

Trying to get it together folks. I'll keep you posted. zzzzzzzz

Much Love,

Weight loss to date 26 lbs
Current weight: 260 lbs