Sunday, March 26, 2017

Yay for the little things!

Sorry I slacked off a little and missed this week's update. I'm on to soft foods and things are getting a bit better, just as the doctor promised. Last week I had no energy and just felt so weak and would get out of breath so quickly. As I've been able to eat more than liquids my energy is slowly returning. I'm no longer lightheaded (well, no more than normal, lol) and I'm learning the feelings in my stomach. What I mean by that is sometimes it's hard to determine whether you are hungry or if it's just gas. That sounds weird but because my stomach is now the size of a small banana, it can only hold so much and if you tip those scales just a tiny bit, you go from comfortable to very uncomfortable very quickly, as you get severe reflux and no one wants to eat something twice, right? Ugh, sorry for that, but that's what happens. My doctor has prescribed me a stronger heartburn med and that seems to be helping. When they tell you to only eat a quarter cup of food, they mean it.

The weight loss itself seems to be slowing down, I was losing at a rate of 1lb a day, now it's about a half a pound or so every other day, so far I've lost 23lbs and this last week has remained the same weight. Since the weight loss is slowing, I'm guessing it is now time for the exercise to begin. It's obvious this is not my favorite thing or I wouldn't have been 290lbs in the first place. I'm gonna go check out the gym tomorrow and I'll start with the treadmill and work my way up to the machines. Can't wait till summer when I can start swimming again.

Talk soon

Much Love, Jodi

Current weight: 263 lbs
Weight loss so far: 23 lbs
Day 26

Friday, March 17, 2017

Moving Along

Took me pretty much the whole week, this week to get up the energy to write a post. I'm on the soft food portion of the program right now and it's very hard to introduce new foods. 

It seems yogurt, protein drinks are good, but when I eat anything with any texture is when I run into trouble. Scrambled eggs for breakfast, I mush them with a fork and then chew them like they are a piece of steak, lol and it still feels like it's stuck in my throat. It took most of the week to get anything other than liquid down, but I'm finally accepting the eggs and I've even introduced ground up chicken salad for dinner. 

It's so hard to believe that just one little quarter cup of food, sometimes less, completely fill my stomach. I still can't quite wrap my head around it. 

So, I'm gonna continue on with similar foods over the weekend and then next week I'll try to introduce tuna and fish and see where that gets me. 

Much love to all,

Current weight: 265lbs
Weight loss so far: 21lbs
Day 17

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Steady As I Go

Start of week two and finally feeling a bit better. Getting used to this new stomach is hard. It's hard to decide if the pain you are feeling is just pain from healing or if you are actually hungry, because hunger pains actually hurt when your stomach is the size of a banana.

I ventured out once to the craft store and had Hubby drive me, which ended up being a good thing because in the middle of the store I started to sweat and thought I might pass out. Guess it might have been too soon. I just want to get on with it. Patience is definitely not a strong personality trait of mine.

For the first few days I questioned whether this surgery was a good decision and now 8 days later, I realize everything is gonna be okay. I've gotten more in tune with the sensations in my throat and stomach and getting a little better at deciding whether I'm hungry or just thirsty.

Looking forward to Friday as I start the soft food diet. Actual food, can't wait!

Current Weight: 273 lbs.

Much Love, Jodi

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Just Hanging in There

It's day three since the surgery. The first night was spend in the hospital, so they can keep an eye on you and make sure there are no issues. They encourage walking the halls and to get moving. I started walking within the first hour after getting to my room and didn't let up hoping it would move this gas along.

Yesterday and today aren't the best days I'll remember in my life, that's for sure. The incisions, there are five of them across my belly, are just a tad tender, but mostly what hurts is the gas they pump into your stomach during the surgery. They do this in order to have room to move around inside and do what they need to do. But, let me just say this, it is beyond uncomfortable, they tell you, you will experience some discomfort. Naah, it's painful and it doesn't go away quickly. The pain gets caught up under your ribs, in your chest and now I seem to have a very bad heartburn on top of it all.

I know each day will be better, as today is better than yesterday, so I really can't wait for Friday, LOL

It's really hard to get the liquids into your body like they want you to. I'm supposed to be drinking 4 ounces of this berry protein mix, three times a day and add water in between. I'm trying but I'm lucky so far to have gotten down 8 ounces of anything. The key is to stay hydrated, I'm working on it.

I've attached a photo of my lovely belly for you all to see (Don't look Ethel), just so you can have an idea of what the incisions look like. I know it looks like a big ass or a pregnant belly, sorry about that. Hubby asked if I was trying to discourage people from having this operation by posting the pic, lol No, I'm not, I just want you to be prepared for the surgery, that's all, so you will be hearing about and seeing all of it.

Much Love, Jodi

Current weight 286 lbs