Monday, July 12, 2010

Facebook is the "Shit"

I don't know about you, but over the last year I have been having a great time with FaceBook. I have found so many forgotten friends. Friends from childhood, high school and everywhere in between. Just today I met up with two sisters from my old neighborhood. We had an awesome lunch! As soon as we sat down at the table we started reminiscing about old times. The poor waiter had to come back three times before we finally decided we would all have the salad bar. And after we paid our checks he came back again to say "I'm not rushing you ladies out, I just wanted to check and see if there is anything else I can get you?" Yeah, right— what he was really saying was "bitches, get the hell outta here if you're not gonna order anything else!" I think we chatted maybe 45 minutes more, ha, ha!

We talked about so much in such a short lunch. We remembered people from the old neighborhood. We talked about old boyfriends and our first sexual experiences. And of course, I had to mention that I once started to add up my sexual partners and when I had gotten to my second hand, I decided perhaps I didn't really want to know—so I stopped counting. Hey, what did you expect? I was a popular girl when I was young! Since then, the pool has dried up quite a bit, LOL. Hubby is the only one for me now and I'm sure he'll be thrilled to hear about the counting my fingers thing.

I have gotten reacquainted with at least five old friends that I have found on Facebook. It really is an excellent tool. I even found my first boyfriend and he reminded me that I was his first love and first kiss. How sweet is that to remember after all these years. So many high school friends have been located on FB. And the 35th Class Reunion should be a bit easier to plan this year. Yep, that's right bitches, I'm fuckin old! If you're not there yet, believe me it's coming quicker than you can imagine!

At first I hated the fact that becoming friends with the "old friends" meant that they would look at my photos and see a much older—much wider me. But since then, I've realized that I get to look at their photos too—I no longer feel so bad!!

Much love til next time—Jodi


  1. I agree, FB is a great way to connect with old friends, and I love your lunch story, lol

  2. I wouldn't touch FB with some one else's 10 foot pole. Not only is it a magnet for stalkers and spammers, but I hear you get viruses there, mostly from playing games? I dont know, I don't have FB. Plus the more pictures you post of yourself and your family and stuff on the internet the more pictures people have to choose from to right click and take and photoshop all up when they decide they hate you.