Monday, July 5, 2010

I'm trying to do something here!

For weeks now I have been watching the news reports and all the images from the Gulf oil spill. It is heart wrenching to me. Like most of us, I feel helpless to do anything about it. Just watching it and realizing that the oil is just going to keep pumping in the ocean is just devastating. I live in Pennsylvania, the closest ocean waters are in New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware, so there is no immediate or personal effect to me, except the fact that I would love my grandchildren to also be able to enjoy the ocean and beaches as I have.

With all that said, I would like to convey a little bit of information about BP. Here is a link to BP's website: where you can find BP Brands. If you navigate the website (about BP, our brands) you will see other companies BP owns (this is a small list, with some research you can find many more). Not only can we boycott BP oil, but also not make purchases from their affiliates. I, for one, will not consciously be purchasing anything from BP.

One of the things I've noticed lately, and this doesn't surprise me—is that the gas stations in my area that held the BP logo have now changed to Gulf. They have done this in order to try to fool the public into believing they no longer associate with BP. Well, Gulf is also owned by BP!! I have done a bit of research on other oil companies to determine where I can purchase oil and feel a bit better about it. (damn, I wish I had an electric car) I've found that Sunoco, not only refines their own oil, but they do not purchase foreign oil. Since we all have to purchase it, at least we can buy from an American company that purchases in the US, not in foreign countries.

I know someone is going to write to me to point out that by boycotting BP stations we are only hurting the independent station owners and not BP. I have several thoughts on that, one is, if they are truly independent owners, then purchase items from inside their stores and not the gas. As far as I understand, they don't make a lot of money from gas sales anyway. I also feel that whether or not they are independently owned is not the point. This is what happens when you are associated with a company that has caused so much devastation to so many! If BP had not been so concerned about saving money in the first place, this could have been avoided. All this devastation to save a buck, well, now my BUCKS will be spent elsewhere!!

Here's hoping the environment is not ruined for our grandchildren, thanks BP!!

Til next time—Jodi


  1. I'm with you, Jodi! Thanks for pointing out the Gulf-BP connection, too, I didn't realize that. I actually rarely purchase gas, but my gas bucks will be going somewhere other than BP as well!


  2. I'm in California, so not affected, but just so angry about this. All of the people's lives it's ruined, the poor, beautiful animal life it's killed or almost did. Just makes me sick to see that oil pouring, and pouring into the ocean and not stopped!

  3. Apparently I was misinformed. BP does not own Gulf. However the BP stations are changing their names to Gulf, but the owners still have contracts to purchase oil from BP, so changing their name is only an attempt to deceive the public into thinking they no longer hold a BP affiliation. Still not buying gas from them. Bad thing is you really have no idea where the oil is coming from at any gas station except Sunoco. So that's where I'm going.

  4. Hi Jodi~
    I am a jewelry artisan, like you, and on Etsy too. I have been cruising through the various groups which are helping with the animal emergency in the Gulf. It is surprisingly difficult to find an organization to which to donate! These people volunteer their time etc to clean the birds etc and I want to help from a financial standpoint. I have thought about running a special from my shops, but that is not enough. Would you be interested in teaming up to do SOMETHING to help out? Please contact me via my blog address.


  5. Ribasus, I would love to help. Do you know of an organization we can donate to?