Sunday, March 26, 2017

Yay for the little things!

Sorry I slacked off a little and missed this week's update. I'm on to soft foods and things are getting a bit better, just as the doctor promised. Last week I had no energy and just felt so weak and would get out of breath so quickly. As I've been able to eat more than liquids my energy is slowly returning. I'm no longer lightheaded (well, no more than normal, lol) and I'm learning the feelings in my stomach. What I mean by that is sometimes it's hard to determine whether you are hungry or if it's just gas. That sounds weird but because my stomach is now the size of a small banana, it can only hold so much and if you tip those scales just a tiny bit, you go from comfortable to very uncomfortable very quickly, as you get severe reflux and no one wants to eat something twice, right? Ugh, sorry for that, but that's what happens. My doctor has prescribed me a stronger heartburn med and that seems to be helping. When they tell you to only eat a quarter cup of food, they mean it.

The weight loss itself seems to be slowing down, I was losing at a rate of 1lb a day, now it's about a half a pound or so every other day, so far I've lost 23lbs and this last week has remained the same weight. Since the weight loss is slowing, I'm guessing it is now time for the exercise to begin. It's obvious this is not my favorite thing or I wouldn't have been 290lbs in the first place. I'm gonna go check out the gym tomorrow and I'll start with the treadmill and work my way up to the machines. Can't wait till summer when I can start swimming again.

Talk soon

Much Love, Jodi

Current weight: 263 lbs
Weight loss so far: 23 lbs
Day 26


  1. Sounds like a really good week. Good for you!!!!! Love you.

  2. Glad things are looking up. I have to get back to the gym myself. Hell, I just need to walk out my door and go around the block. That would be a good start.