Friday, March 17, 2017

Moving Along

Took me pretty much the whole week, this week to get up the energy to write a post. I'm on the soft food portion of the program right now and it's very hard to introduce new foods. 

It seems yogurt, protein drinks are good, but when I eat anything with any texture is when I run into trouble. Scrambled eggs for breakfast, I mush them with a fork and then chew them like they are a piece of steak, lol and it still feels like it's stuck in my throat. It took most of the week to get anything other than liquid down, but I'm finally accepting the eggs and I've even introduced ground up chicken salad for dinner. 

It's so hard to believe that just one little quarter cup of food, sometimes less, completely fill my stomach. I still can't quite wrap my head around it. 

So, I'm gonna continue on with similar foods over the weekend and then next week I'll try to introduce tuna and fish and see where that gets me. 

Much love to all,

Current weight: 265lbs
Weight loss so far: 21lbs
Day 17


  1. it's a great start really and sounds very difficult.
    It's certainly not for wusses.
    You're my second friend who has done this. My other friend is at about 3 years after and it really changed her life.She's very happy she did it and she lost right about 100 pounds total.

  2. You're certainly right, this is not an easy task, but nothing worth doing ever is I suppose. Thank you for the encouragement honey. I'm looking to lose 125-150, but I'll settle for 100 at this point.