Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'm from "Pennsyltucky"

I'm not sure if it is menopause creating my inability to tolerate people or simply the lack of intelligence by the people of whom this story is written. I don't know what it's like in your "neck of the woods" but here in Pennsylvania, people have a very unique way of speaking that defies all reasoning. Now, don't get me wrong, I myself have been known to use a bit of slang and it sometimes has provided plenty of entertainment for others. This however, goes way beyond a slang. For example, we have a friend who I will call "Ned". Every single time I have any conversation with Ned, he manages to belt out the "word" supposively! Instead of supposedly. I affectionately refer to him as the "Jesse Jackson of redneckville". His use of the english language is also well appreciated in the story I am about to relay to you. A couple of years ago, I started having severe pain in my back. I was complaining to Ned one day about the pain starting from my lower back and traveling down my entire leg. Well, don't ya know, good ole Ned, didn't let me down. He proclaimed "thats your scematic nerve", when I proceeded to correct him and said, "no it's not", because I, of course, was going to correct his english. He says "oh, yeah it is, that's your scematic nerve" Okay, so I let him ramble on for a while as he repeated the word over and over to several friends, until I finally, (after laughing every time he said it) pulled him aside and told him the word is "sciatic" nerve. His response "Oh yeah, that's it. Well, you knew what I meant" The bad thing is, I did know what he meant.

What kills me with people like this is, Ned would be the first to say "this is America, learn to speak the language" Huh, yeah, right back at ya bud! Oh, and by the way, he also uses "axed" in place of "asked".

I have lived in PA most of my life and just recently have become more acute to how unintelligent pennsylvanian's, born and bred, really sound. We are famous for our many ways to say "you", or "you all". Let's see, we have you's, youin's, youse, yins and many more I'm sure I have forgotten. WTF, people!

Another thing we do that drives me absolutely crazy. When telling a story—for some reason, we feel it necessary to let you know what day this story occurred. It goes something like this, "yesterday I was walking the dog in the park—no, it couldn't have been yesterday, it had to of been Wednesday, cause Wednesday I went to the doctor in the morning, or was that Thursday" ... guess what, I don't give a shit what day it was, it has no significance to the story!!

I could go on and on ... I might have more thoughts on this subject to continue at another time, maybe I'll write again on "Sardy or Sundy"

Much love to all—Jodi


  1. Lmao I know just what you mean! When we moved to PA I thought "What is wrong with these people?!" but living in Michigan and Texas let me just say there are weird slangs all over. I think PA might be the winner though ;)

  2. OMG - funny! I'm orignally from Philly, moved to Juniata County, then Mechanicsburg. Very interesting how dialects change within a few miles. Now living in SW Florida, the land of the 'crackers'. Give me PA anytime.

  3. It makes my blood pressure rise when I hear the word closet pronounced closek! Along with the 20 minute argument that it's okay to say it that way.

  4. In case anyone else noticed I corrected the spelling of born and "Bred" I guess that just proves my story, I really am from Pennsyltucky, lol

  5. Haha. My husband often makes up his own words too. I have more or less come to accept it and find it amusing now.


  6. I'm originally from Chicago, and trust me, this isn't just a Philly problem! Some of my pet peeve words? Nucular instead of nuclear, calvary for cavalry, and supposably instead of supposedly. Don't even get me started on correct usage of words like there, their, and they're!

    Great post!

  7. Hey Jodi, Great job on the blog. Looking forward to reading more about yins. Love You Girl.