Saturday, April 24, 2010

10 Dimensions of Compatibility

I was watching TV tonight and one of those eharmony commercials came on. In the commercial they mentioned that their matching is based on 29 dimensions of compatibility. So, it got me thinking. I'll bet none of their questions would even come close to what, in reality, makes a couple compatible. So, you guessed it. I have comprised a listing of the 10 essentials that keep Hubby and I harmonious—in no particular order.

#1. If we have sex, talking afterwards is optional, or it consists of me telling you "Are we done? Then get the hell off me"

#2. After a meal, passing gas is acceptable. If it smells, leaving the room so the smell follows you, is also acceptable.

#3. We laugh at each others jokes because we actually think we're funny.

#4. You clean up the pee ring around the toilet base because you realize you have bad aim.

#5. You sitting around in your most comfortable holey underwear—I've learned to live with.

#6. We realize that we are both over 50 years old and we don't expect each other to look or act like we're 21.

#7. I am sitting at my computer downstairs and you are at your's upstairs and if we need something, we can IM each other.

#8. We are both fat, so it's okay if no one gets naked.

#9. You cook and enjoy it. I don't and we enjoy that equally.

And #10. You read my top 10 compatibility list and laughed with me because it's all true and it works for us.

So there ya have it. I hope you enjoyed my little list. Please feel free to comment and add your own couple compatibilities!

Much Love — Jodi


  1. Lol that's great maybe you should start your own websites. If people were honest like that divorce would be down.

  2. Oh yeah, just one more! #11, there is NO jealousy, ever!

  3. I am so glad you sent me a link to your blog... Yes, it is funny and I LOVE it! :D

  4. LOL I love it!!
    If my husband and I had to take an eharmony quiz it would come out as stay away from each other as you can! You will make each other crazy. Still we are love each other.

  5. I love it!!!
    I wonder about those quizzes. If my husband and I took one we would probably be told, Run, run fast, you two are going to drive each other nuts.And amzingly it has worked for 25 years

  6. Again as the significant other mentioned above, I am an unwilling participant in another story from the writer of this blog, and as a participant, I believe I am entitled to some sort of "royalty" (please refer to #1 above).
    I will not comment on all of the items above but #7 is a direct result of #2 for me, please check this site (
    As for #9 blogging and twittering have taken priority over this number, and eating before 11pm seems to be the normal thing to do, so now I love to cook, so that's my two cents, and it's all in fun. (refer to #3 above Honey)

  7. love that NO Jealously one, i think that is like most important these days :) thx

  8. Loved this. Reading your stuff makes me wonder If I can ever be this funny on my blog when it is up and running. I have been married 31 years this year and concerning #6, we met as teenagers so got to enjoy those bodies. And as mine has grown a bit, I must say I still so love looking at my hubbys. I constantly say I wish I had his butt. His job (owns a remodeling business) is physical and mine is not. Had a big laugh over #1. Keep up the good read Jodi~

  9. Laughed out LOUD. Wonderful!!! Maddie's retweet TOTALLY worked :)

  10. I procrastinate a lot too!