Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fire Protection 101

Today's blog should be pretty short, I just wanted to relay a funny story to you—funny, but pretty sad at the same time!

We all have been told for years that we should have a smoke detector in each room and in major hallways. Well, we used to have three of them. We have a small house, so one in the kitchen, bedroom downstairs and the stairway to the upstairs. So we remodeled the bedroom downstairs and took that one out during the remodeling stage, that of course, has never gotten reinstalled. We remodeled the living room, in the process, that one never returned. So we still had the one in the kitchen, but every time we turned on the oven the damn thing would go off like a siren. Drove me crazy. So hubby took it down. WOW, considering we are smokers, we apparently are not to bright!!

So, the other morning I'm sitting at my desk and once in a while I hear this beep, beep. I'm looking at the carbon monoxide detector (oh, yes, we have one of those!) it's not going off. I am searching all over the house for this damn beep. Finally, I just ignored it, cause I couldn't find it. So Hubby gets up and says" what is that beeping?" I don't know. He starts looking in cupboards and drawers in the kitchen, finally he finds the culprit. The kitchen smoke detector was in the drawer. It was beeping to warn us to change the battery! Well, at least if there HAD been a fire, I guess the thing would have warned us, even from the junk drawer!

I'm not sure if we have a death wish or what, between the unfire protection, the smoking, the lack of exercise and just general overall unhealthiness, we are just one ambulance ride away from saying bye-bye world. Maybe someday we will get it together, I'll let you know when that happens. Oh but I wouldn't hold my breath—well I can't do that anyway!! At least not for very long!

Much Love and Stay Safe—Jodi


  1. Interestingly (and sadly) familiar! Take a lesson!

  2. Oh c'mon, Miss Au Naturel, I'm sure you can say more than that! LOL

  3. There is no time like the present to make a few changes for the better....:)

  4. Did you take it out of the junk drawer? And change the batteries? And put it back up? Don't make me come over there!!!

  5. No, World, I did not . . . but I will do it right now, lol