Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Twitter Me Depressed!

Yes, you guessed it, I am still in my "funk"! Last week I couldn't seem to find my motivation. This week has just turned into a menopause driven depression. I keep trying to tweet and facebook, anything to lift my spirits but nothing is working. I haven't had a sale in my jewelry shop for over two weeks and I keep adding more stuff in the hopes something will inspire someone, anyone, to make a purchase. My efforts are for naught. In the meantime, all I see on twitter is Yay! I had three sales today! Yay! my pearl necklace was featured in twat magazine!! Not that I begrudge anyone their joy, but being the self-involved bitch that I am, I could use a bit less of everyone else's milestones and could use a few of my own for a change. So twitter avoidance is inevitable for me. The highlight of my life lately is managing to get dressed (well, mostly dressed) and creating a piece of design work that the customer doesn't hate! Bet you're glad you started reading this inspiring little story, huh?

To add insult to injury, we are bombarded every single day with collection calls from credit card companies! Hubby started a new job, but the hours are sporatic so setting a budget is next to impossible. We have decided that eating and keeping our home is way more important then paying credit cards. But good ole "Bob" from INDIA calls everyday wanting to make us aware that we are behind in our payment and "will we be making that $60.00 payment today?" He might as well be asking for a million dollars! Actually, he could be asking for a million dollars—I can't understand a word he says. I spend 20 minutes with him saying "what? I don't understand you, say that again" And what part of "I don't have any money, do YOU not understand?" Why the hell, when half of the United States is unemployed, are we using customer service from other countries! I'm just sayin! Just one more reason to delay paying these companies. Although when I think about it, even though I need a job, I really don't want to call people in this economy, and harass them about making a payment. So more power to ya there Habib, oh I mean "Bob"!

I know this hasn't been a very entertaining post this week, and I'm not quite my usual witty self. Please pardon me for a minute, I had to spew to feel better. Next week I will return all refreshed and ready to entertain, I promise.

Much Love—Jodi


  1. hang in there jodi! you're not the only one with this problem. if you need to talk, i'm here for you!


  2. I think what would be helpful for a better attitude is some SUNSHINE, although it doesn't pay the bills, it just seems to lift spirits..........a beautiful weekend is on its way!!! Love ya, Gaby

  3. Hey ... even the sun gets overshadowed by the clouds sometimes. You hang in there. There are a lot of us who feel your frustration. And as I mentioned to you before, if I was working there are many items in your shop I would already have ordered. Your items are beautiful. Keep at it!

    Sending you sunny days ...

  4. Thank you all for your support and encouragement, it means a lot!

  5. My Dear Jodi..sometimes we just have to vent.Its actually good for the soul. The economy is still bad no matter what Washington is saying. Hang in there, take a break, take a walk,get out of the house.I know what your feeling, trust me, but dont let it get you down so bad.Just and hang in there. We are here for ya! HUGS

  6. Blessings and best wishes to you and yours. it will happen because you care enough to design right and it's in your heart! Been there with the creditors and it is HARD! Hang up on them. Request an English speaking American too they will do that. Above all don't lose confidence be a believer in YOU!
    Twitter aka: GlassmanyColors

  7. We're in the same boat too.
    So I keep tell myself that since we hard rock bottom,
    the only way to go is UP :)
    Hang in there, Jodi.
    Big Hug.

  8. Hey Judi~
    I have been here too! The only way to get out of it is ONE day at a time! Everything always has a way of working itself out! Just know that we are here too! Venting is a very healthy thing~and we will support you in both venting and again when your sales pick up!! Do NOT give up!!! What doesn't kill us makes us stronger!


  9. I would tell you to come over and get drunk with me. But, then I would have a terrible headache and be mad at myself for being a jerk to get drunk in the first place.. How about a great cup of Chinese Tea.. I really would like to see you...

  10. We all get that way...especially when you are as creative as your work shows! Hang in there!