Monday, May 17, 2010

Unfinished Business

Today's post is again about procrastination, however this time it's not about me! Is it just me or are there others out there among you that have a significant other who is a starter not a finisher? No, no, not in a sexual way, (I knew you were thinking that, lol) in a handyman way! I have to say, I probably have the most unfinished home around. Don't get me wrong this man is so talented, he can build anything, fix anything and does wonderful work—he just doesn't finish a damn thing! We have at this moment, at least ten unfinished projects. The excuse is usually money, it certainly can't be time, because he has been unemployed for quite a while now! The picture below will show you the outside of our house which has been HALF sided for three years now! We have the rest of the siding to do it, we have the scaffolding rented—the last time we went to the rental place was to rent a nailer to install the kitchen floor, the guy looked at us and said "you're the ones that rented the scaffolding two years ago, that's your paperwork over there hanging on the wall. Are you doing it soon? Cause we were gonna start a pool to see who picks the right date! See even strangers know my dilemma!

He starts off really well, full of enthusiasm and motivation, gets just about finished and comes to a screeching halt. For instance, we remodeled my office. Painted, made new curtains, pictures—the works. He even constructed a built-in window seat with cabinets on each side, it's beautiful! He put up all new ceiling trim around the entire room, and was one piece short. Oh, you didn't think I was actually gonna get a finished room did you? We have since purchased that missing piece of trim, painted it and it is cut to size, do you think it has gotten installed? Ha, ha! Let's see, I think my office was also started three years ago! I love this man with all my heart. I just wish I knew how to light a fire under his ass! We've talked about the possibility of him starting a handyman business. Of course, me being the smart ass that I am, responded with, "what are you gonna call it Unfinished Business"? I've tried to motivate him with the promise of sexual favors, but apparently I don't have the same amount of persuasion that I used to! So, if you have any tips on how to get things finished around here, please feel free to share!

Much Love—Jodi


  1. Hide cigarettes and bags of coffee under the unfinished areas. Then he'll have to climb on top of that ladder, or crawl underneath that countertop to find his goodies, and maybe, just maybe... he'll remember why he was under there all along... to nap. Or... finish what he started years ago!

  2. I have no idea how to get boys to do things. Good luck:) hopefully your-so-close-to-be-finished-office will be done soon. That little piece of trim would be driving me CRAZY!

  3. I think he likes to converse with you! If he finishes the project you wouldn't bug him and then you wouldn't be talking to him!! I cannot imagine why women cannot see the simplicity of thses situations. The BACK of the house unsided is a problem? Who SEES the back of the house OH C'MON now stop whining! Indeed a little tiny piece of moulding bothers you in an other than BEAUTIFUL NEW OFFICE of your very own he CUSTOM BUILT for YOU! OH C'MON NOW! Why why oh why ...the man loves you and wants interaction, conversation, relationship with you and you cannot see this? Tsk tsk tsk ....let's all play nice now and get our priorities straight I say. All things with love and in good time will come to completion.
    ENjoy! ;-)
    Twitter aka: GlassManyColors

  4. Okay, I hear ya! However, EVERYONE sees the back of the house because that is the only way in and that's where everyone parks. And as far as him wanted to converse with me, we converse all day long, he is sick of my conversing. lol. And yes, I know he loves me, that I do not doubt. I let him know of your comment, maybe he will respond, I'm sure if he does it will be entertaining to say the least.

    I love it that a man commented on my blog, you have made my night, thank you so much Art!